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Creative Therapy Adelaide

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Welcome to CTA!


When we first started dreaming up Creative Therapy Adelaide, we thought how awesome it would be if all children and young people who access therapy did so in ways that spoke to them. Children naturally freely express themselves through play and music, drama, dance and art are vehicles for their expression.

We thought, if we put together a team of allied health professionals who dream up creative approaches to their roles, which utilise artistic and creative skills, surely outcomes for our participants will be far greater. Research-based arts therapies are growing in popularity as they become more understood. We believe there is no limit to other allied health therapists drawing on creative arts therapy interventions and literature to work with their participants and it would be best practice to do so.

We know the creative arts play a pivotal role in the fabric of human life and for a lot of people, they seem inaccessible. Through offering allied health therapies that focus on utilising the arts, we are opening up a world of expression to people who otherwise viewed music, drama, the visual arts and dance as the pastimes of a talented few.

It is our role to generate ways to help these art forms to re-emerge into the lives of families of children and young people, to provide optimism and new ways of communicating that are fun and generate emotional connection and meaning. Using humans’ innate connection with music, drama, dance and art, we recognise first, their strengths in these areas to leapfrog them to build capacity and get closer to their goals.
I’m looking forward to meeting and growing with you on this joy-filled adventure.
Natalie Oliveri
Director / Registered Music Therapist