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Do I Need a therapy plan?

Therapy Plans are part of our assessment process and give you with an overview of the therapy you will receive at Creative Therapy Adelaide.

Therapy Plans help you understand the purpose of your support and ensures your therapist or therapy assistant stays on track and works towards your goals.

We provide you with a therapy plan after 3 sessions.

What is in a therapy plan?

  • information about you and your needs
  • the therapy type/s you will receive
  • a summary of the assessment sessions that inform the therapy plan
  • your NDIS goals and matching therapeutic goals and objectives
  • rationale for the therapist’s approach
  • the number and frequency of sessions and how the therapy will be delivered
  • when the efficacy of the strategies will be reviewed
  • what you can expect to pay for the recommended sessions

How much does my therapy plan cost?

The therapist requires 80 minutes of non-face-to-face time to write your therapy plan at a cost of $250* This information is provided to you in your service agreement.

When will I receive my therapy plan?

You will receive as copy of your therapy plan after your third session, along with a copy of the Support Plan you made with your therapist. In some cases where a participant is accessing therapist-supported instrumental lessons with a therapy assistant, just one session with the therapist may be necessary to develop the therapy plan.

Are therapy plans optional?

If you plan to continue therapy, therapy plans are a compulsory and essential part of the service we provide to ensure you are receiving evidence-based therapy.

*$250 Therapy Plan pricing comes into effect for participants commencing from 10 May, 2021.

What are goals and objectives?

Goals: what you aim to achieve through therapy.

Objectives: measurable strategies that will be used to help you meet your goals

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