Creative Therapy Adelaide

drama social skills


Social Skills in Adelaide for children in Reception to Year 3.

Limited places available
Fridays after school @ 3:45PM and 4:30 PM

  • Program developed by a qualified educator and Registered Drama Therapist
  • Help your child build communication skills, emotional regulation and attention
  • PDA-friendly approach
  • Enrol anytime
  • NDIS funding eligible
  • Up to 4 children per group

Our group sizes are small to support interaction between our facilitator and children so spots are limited.


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This exciting new program focuses on providing children early in their school career with opportunities to explore emotional expression, play out situations they find tricky, and practice social and problem-solving skills to support their future success. Drama-based games, stories, dramatic play and role play, incorporating music, movement and other creative activities will help active kids engage their mind, body and imagination to develop their social skills and learn to work and play with others.

Facilitated by a qualified educator and Registered Drama Therapist, your child will have fun and learn some social skills along the way. This program is run throughout the year. Information regarding skills practiced in the session will be available to parents with suggestions of how these skills can be strengthened outside of sessions.


The sessions include an orientation, a topic focus and then a closing activity.
The first session being an orientation to the program.
At your child’s first session, a  parent/carers will be invited to participate in a short activity with the children.

To build social skills and improve self awareness in early primary school-aged children.

Our expert facilitator can support you to participate. If necessary, a parent may remain as a support person for the duration of the group or as long as necessary.

This group is NDIS funding eligible.

The cost of this group may fluctuate depending on the number of group members attending each session (max. 4 per session).

2 participants: $120 per child / session

3 participants: $80 per child / session

4 participants: $60 per child / session

This fee includes the session duration + minimum 15 mins clinical note-taking per participant.

24 hour cancellation fee applies. Participants are invoiced weekly.

Additional costs apply for assessment reports and NDIS reports.

Please contact us to discuss enrolment in these groups.

We recommend a commitment of at least 10 weeks from commencement.

As this is a therapy, the Registered Drama Therapist will assess each participant on a needs and strengths basis. Participants will be included in the group for as long as it continues to benefit them.

Come in comfortable clothes – clothes that enable you to move freely. A drink bottle – we may need to rehydrate during our activities, but a sip of water can also be useful to help self-regulate. It is encouraged that a snack is eaten prior to the session as no eating will be allowed during the session.

Information regarding skills practised in the session will be available to parents and simple practise activities suggested, and encouraged, to strengthen the new learning outside of the sessions.

Our  sessions are a fun and relaxed place to be and we understand that you want to capture your child in action, however, we aim to create a child-safe environment and respect the privacy of children and their families. Photography or video recordings are not permitted in the sessions, if you’d like to take photos of your child, this can be done at the beginning or the end of the session and photographs should be limited to just your child or family members.

Parents/carers are required to remain onsite – waiting room or carpark. Children who need extra assistance may need their parent to remain in the room for the session. It is, however, strongly encouraged that parents/carers enable their children to participate independently as the groups are a place for children to develop social skills that they can apply in settings where parents/carers may not always be i.e. School.

We have covid-safe guidelines currently in place to protect our participants.

If you don’t already receive therapy at Creative Therapy Adelaide, you will have an initial assessment session with one of our senior therapy team before starting with this group. Call us to find out how to book your appointment: (08) 7080 4618 or fill in our expression of interest form.

Total group cost is shared between the number of participants enrolled. To be fair to other group members, cancellation fees are charged when less than 24 hours notice is provided for non-attendance. The cancellation fee is your portion of the full cost of the session you did not attend.