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Musical Routines

Using music as a way to make our days more enjoyable is a way many of us improve our lives, but we can also use music as a way to cue our children into the activities we need them to get through while getting them more excited about it. Whether it’s brushing teeth, packing up toys, or a lullaby, music is a great way to improve our children’s engagement with the daily tasks we need to get done. When used in combination with regular routines and visual cues, such as schedules, we can help to set our children up for success. Consider using or modifying your favourite songs to use in place of kids songs if you feel you’re more likely to use them! If you’re not feeling confident yet, try just putting one or two of the recordings on while you’re doing the task. Check out our sample musical schedule below!

Waking up: 

Getting dressed: 

Brushing Teeth: 

Going to the toilet: 

Tie your shoes: 

Getting in the car: 

Packing up:
Use it for toys, books, dinner plates

Bath time: 

Lullabies: Take your pick or have a go at making your own – like these parents from a lullaby project held right here in Adelaide. 

These are just a few examples of how music can be used to assist children with tasks – whether it’s the cue that gets them to do the task they don’t want to, or the thing that makes it fun. Maybe it’s to help them remember the sequence of tasks to complete the activity.

Rowan Harding

Rowan Harding

Rowan, the sax-stronaut, embarks on a melodious mission, using his musical superpowers to soar through therapy sessions, bringing joy, growth, and sax-cess to children and young adults, proving that music truly is the universal language of awesomeness!

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