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Music therapy intensives

In a music therapy session people might sing, play instruments, dance, write their own songs and record them, perform, listen and talk about music. Behind all of these activities are objectives and goals that are working towards helping to improve a person’s health, functioning and wellbeing. This summer holidays, Creative Therapy Adelaide are providing participants the opportunity to experience music therapy intensively, either weekly, or multiple sessions in a week.

Duration of the program: Between December 13 to January 30 with option to continue in Term 1.


A standard music therapy session runs for 45 minutes.

To experience how music therapy can support you to work towards your goals and quickly reach outcomes through intensive therapy.

In this therapy space, it is ok to be ‘you’. The therapist will support you with whatever you need to participate.

Option to attend consecutive sessions daily, multiple sessions during a week or weekly over the school holidays (with two-week break for Christmas resuming Jan 10).

Resources and tips for how to best benefit from music at home will be provided as required.

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