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Music Therapy and NDIS

Music therapy is the intentional use of music by a university-trained professional who is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association. Registered music therapists draw on an extensive body of research and are bound by a code of ethics that informs their practice.

Music therapy is recognised by the NDIS for inclusion under the support cluster of ‘Capacity Building’ supports and under this, Improved Daily Living – to facilitate functional improvement through adjustment, adaptation and building capacity to participate in the broader community.

Music therapists provide individualized or group programs in a variety of settings including health, community, aged care and disability, these programs are based on goals outlined in the participant’s NDIS plan.

How do I access music therapy?

Music therapy is provided as an allied health service, in the same way as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and many others. If you have funding under ‘Capacity Building Improved Daily Living’, you may choose to use that funding, or part of that funding, for music therapy.

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Is Creative Therapy Adelaide an NDIS registered provider?

We are currently undergoing audit and registration process and are planning on becoming an NDIS registered provider in 2022.

Find out more on the Australian Music Therapy Association website.

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