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Creative Therapy Adelaide


Music Therapy

Discover how music enhances health, functioning, and well-being through our evidence-based music therapy programs.

Kun Koh Music Therapist

What is music therapy?

Music Therapy is delivered by Registered Music Therapists (RMTs) who must be registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

RMTs undergo rigorous university training, often earning a Master’s degree, where they learn how music impacts behaviour, memory, and brain function. With advanced musical skills and specialised training in therapy techniques, RMTs also excel in supporting people with their mental health. They prioritise evidence-based approaches, ensuring effective support for individuals.

Music therapy supports:

Speech improvement and communication skills

Motor planning and motor skills including physical rehabilitation

Emotional regulation, mental health and mood management

Overall wellbeing and improved quality of life

Social skills, confidence and identity building

Auditory processing and sensory integration

Cognitive skills, such as learning, organising, focus and attention

At Creative Therapy Adelaide, we have the largest team of registered music therapists in South Australia. You can access individual music therapy sessions at our Torrensville Clinic, online or at your home or school.

You don’t need any instruments or musical skills. Visit our clinic, connect with us online, or we can provide music therapy at your home, school, childcare centre, or other sites in Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

In a music therapy session you might:
music studio for therapy
  • Engage in music listening
  • Vocalise and sing
  • Participate in playing instruments
  • Improvise with the therapist
  • Write and record your own songs
  • Talk about meaningful music and lyrics
  • Learn ways to use music to support your mood
  • Curate personalised music playlists
  • Enjoy interactive musical activities
  • Engage with music and movement
  • Learn to play an instrument to develop skills
  • Discover ways to integrate music into your daily routine

Behind these activities lie objectives and goals aimed at enhancing an individual’s health, functioning, and well-being. A registered music therapist assesses each participant and develops a therapy plan with measurable goals to monitor the effectiveness of the intervention for the individual.

Contact us if you want to learn more about accessing our music therapy groups and music therapy in Adelaide, surrounds or via telehealth.

For NDIS Participants:
Music therapy is a funded therapy under the NDIS, falling under the ‘Capacity Building Budget’ line item number: 15_615_0128_1_3 Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training – Music Therapist.

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