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Music Therapy is delivered by Registered Music Therapists (RMTs) who must be registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) RMTs have high-level music skills and train at university to understand how music can have an effect on behaviours, on how people feel and how people think. In addition to being skilled musicians with specific training in music therapy methods, music therapists are trained in therapeutic counselling and take an evidence and research-based approach when working with participants. 

In a music therapy session people might sing, play instruments, dance, write their own songs and record them, perform, listen and talk about music. Behind all of these activities are objectives and goals that are working towards helping to improve a person’s health, functioning and wellbeing. A registered music therapist will assess a participant and write a therapy plan with measurable goals to track how effective the therapy is for the participant.

You can access individual music therapy sessions with our Registered Music Therapists or access a tailored program supervised by a music therapist with our Allied Health Assistants.

Music for skills: learn skills, like communication skills, motor skills and social skills through music-making that translate in daily life.

Music for confidence: practice music and understand yourself as a musical person, so you can confidently participate in community and mainstream music activities.

Music for wellbeing: learn ways to use music for yourself, in your home and with your family for improved connection and wellbeing.

What can Music therapy do?

RMTs use professional music skills, music therapy theory and research and knowledge in the area of how music affects the brain to work on:

Speech improvement and communication skills
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Motor planning and
motor skills
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Emotional regulation
overall wellbeing
music therapy adelaide
Auditory processing and sensory integration

You can access individual music therapy with our Registered Music Therapists and Allied Health Assistants (AHAs). Creative Therapy Adelaide also offers groups and can provide a group program in your community. Find out more.

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