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Creative Therapy Adelaide

Creativity in ISO

Creativity in ISO

We’ve gotten really creative over the last couple of years of the pandemic and have come up with a plethora of ways to entertain the kids in isolation. TV is handy, but if you’re looking for ways your kids can have fun with you or entertain themselves, here are our favourite activities of ISO 2022. Enjoy!

– Water play outside (laundry bucket and whatever floats)

– Bowling (standing things up in the hallways and rolling a ball at it)

– Playdough (but hide stuff in it)

– Treasure hunt (you can use toys they already own and forgot they had haha!)

– Paint the fence with water

– Make cards (and post them or save them for hand delivery)

– Online music, drama, dance or yoga classes

– Cooking (jelly, custard, pudding, cookies, muffins, or just dinner)

– Music time jam session with whatever instruments you have (play a song you know or make one up)

– Dance party (with favourite action songs – playlist here)

– Bikes / scooters outside

– Board games / cards (games like memory)

– Painting (try subjects, like self-portrait or objects like fruit)

– Mud pies (get grubby)

– Bath with some kind of messy play (things like washable paints – check for allergies etc. first!)

– Soccer (kicking goals between 2 posts)

– Puzzles (dig out what’s in the cupboard!)

– Reading books (and acting them out!)

– Colouring sheets printed from the internet of their favourite shows 

– Lego, blocks and other construction toys, using them to make new things

– Dress ups (whatever you can find!)

– Listen to story books (Spotify have heaps of free ones including Disney films as books)

– Make cubby houses

And if they complain there’s nothing to do – give them something to clean…

My 3 year old loves to vacuum and clean the windows.


Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie, the singing superhero, uses her magical music powers as a Neurologic Music Therapist to create harmonious homes and confident kiddos while fighting the evil forces of monotony!

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