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Creative Therapy Adelaide

Therapy fees

First Session | $242
At your first session, you will:
  • Meet with a senior therapist on our team
  • Engage in a 45-minute creative session so the therapist can understand your strengths
  • Have an interview with the therapist so they can ensure the therapy matches your goals

After this session, you can decide if you would like to continue with ongoing therapy. 

Therapy Plans

All of our participants receive a Therapy Plan at a cost of $290, which includes 90 mins minimum of non face-to-face time for your registered therapist to prepare it for you. You will receive a copy of your therapy plan after your third session. This is so the therapist has time to get to know you and develop some strategies. After you have received the plan, you will be invoiced the assessment fee amount for the Therapy Plan of $258.

NDIS Report Fee

We have an NDIS Report fee of $290, which includes 90 mins of non face-to-face time (minimum) for your registered therapist to write your NDIS Report.

Ongoing Session Rates

1:1 Therapy Sessions with a registered therapist: $193.99 /hr

A standard 1:1 therapy session consists of a 45 mins face-to-face session + 15 mins case noting (non-contact time) totaling 1 hour.

A long 1:1 therapy session consists of a 60 mins face-to-face session + 15 mins case noting (non-contact time) totaling 75 minutes. Long sessions are charged at $242.

Group Programs – NDIS funded

The cost of groups depend on the number of group members attending the group.

Our group programs come under the category of Program of Support.

Please note that for Programs of Support, different arrangements apply for cancellations. Please refer to your service agreement.

Travel Fees

Travel is charged for therapy and AHA sessions at the hourly rate up to 30 mins each way, as per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements. Travel fees vary and costs may fluctuate, depending on other participants receiving services in the same area. Creative Therapy Adelaide caps return travel costs for therapy to 60 mins @ $193.99

Allied Health Assistants

Sessions with a therapy assistant can be a great option for those with limited funding. Our Creative Therapy Assistants can provide sessions or tuition under the direction of a registered therapist.

Creative Therapy Assistant facilitated sessions cost $108 and include:

  • A face-to-face session of approx. 60 minutes
  • 15 mins non-contact time (case noting)

Please note: therapy assistants are available once a registered therapist has established your Therapy Plan.

Therapy Assistant Cost Guide

To establish a therapy program with our Therapists or Therapy Assistants, you can expect to pay for 3 sessions with a registered therapist and non face-to-face time for your registered therapist to write your Therapy Plan. During the assessment process over the first 3 sessions, your registered therapist will write a therapy plan to meet your needs in consultation with you.

Please note: prices listed are exclusive of travel.

Cancellation Policy

At Creative Therapy, we have a cancellation policy that falls within the rules of the current NDIS Pricing Arrangements.

Short notice cancellation is non-attendance of where less than 24 hours (1 clear business day) is given before the scheduled appointment. 

If your allocated therapist does not fill the vacant spot, or there is no other billable work for the client, the participant will be charged at 100% the agreed sessional rate (including travel if the therapist has made the journey). If you cannot make it to the clinic for logistical reasons, or you or your child has a runny nose or other cold-like symptoms, we offer the option of having the session online via our secure video-conferencing system.

Session rescheduling and cancellations made with more than 24 hours (1 clear business day) notice will not be charged. Early notice allows time to be redirected to other clients or to activities involved in ensuring high quality service.

The therapist will endeavour to provide at least 24 hours notice in the event that a scheduled session needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. In the rare circumstance that your therapist needs to cancel due to events beyond their control, your understanding is appreciated. Where possible, we will provide a substitute therapist to provide you with the service.

Please Note: participants who attend sessions when sick with symptoms of a contagious illness will be sent home and the full session fee charged. 

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