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This ECEI Group program is designed to support participants and their families to gain music-focussed, creative and research informed strategies for growth and development.

ECEI Group Program


Talk ‘n’ Tunes is designed to assist your little one in developing the skills necessary to become a confident talker.

Facilitated by a Registered Music Therapist and a Speech Pathologist, our sessions are enjoyable, engaging, and employ music to exercise the brain, helping your child access new ways to practice speech and language.

The group targets education and skill-building to aid children with language delays, using research-informed speech therapy and music therapy methods and techniques.

The group’s structure is enjoyable and engaging, catering to the specific needs of the children involved. It provides opportunities for learning skills in areas where your child may currently experience delays and for practicing and developing improved communication skills.

The small group setting allows therapists to support children and caregivers with targeted activities, fostering development in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Musical activities target social skill development, attention, language and communication, motor skills, and emotional regulation.

Parents or other support people attend with their child and receive strategies and ideas to try at home. 

The program takes place on Tuesday mornings, arriving at 9:55 AM for a 10 AM sharp start and running for 45 minutes, with extra time for a debrief at the end.

This program supports:

Communication Development

Responding to verbal communication, articulation, vocabulary, and expressing ideas.

Social Skill Development

Turn-taking, waiting, sharing, following instructions, improving attention, understanding, and following a group plan.

Motor Skills

Balance, coordination, and motor planning.

Learn in a supportive and understanding environment.

Contact us to secure your place; limited spaces are available in this group!

Frequently asked questions

The group is structured similarly each week to set up children for success. It will include greeting songs to practise social engagement with others, instrument play for fine and gross motor development, and song singing to learn concepts and practise turn-taking and joint attention. The group sessions will include structured themes and activities to focus on early language concepts that promote functional communication. It will build routines for playing familiar games in a way that supports your child to add their words and understand the concepts and ideas. 

Pairing music with your child’s speech program can support your child to learn strategies and skills in a fun way, moving away from the ‘practitioner as expert’ model. It empowers you as a caregiver to join in and engage your child so you can learn to understand their needs through creative interactions and develop new ways to support them and help them to grow.

This group is tailored to children with additional needs and is an understanding and supportive environment. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace.

4-8 children and their caregivers. 


Siblings may be allowed to attend sessions if parents have no other option and it is not a disruption to the development and learning of the children requiring therapy. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Session activity time is 45 minutes.

The cost of this group is provided at the time of enrolment and depends on the number of group members enrolled in the group. Our groups are run as ‘Programs of Support’ under the rules of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements. Commitment is to a whole program and specific cancellation rules apply in accordance with ‘Programs of Support’. These Terms and Conditions will be in your Service Agreement.

Each week there will be support and focus on sharing learning around a theme and taking those new words and ideas out into your child’s world. 

Let us know you want to join the Music Therapy and Speech Therapy Early Childhood group via our intake form, or email us

Please note: If children are not already engaged in our therapy services, they will need to have an assessment session with one of our therapists supporting the group to determine if the group will suit their needs.

We are adding and developing new programs all the time. If you are interested in a group for yourself or your loved one, please contact us and let us know!

Our team is here for you.