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Drama therapy is the planned use of drama and/or theatre methods to support people to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing and achieve therapeutic goals.

At Creative Therapy Adelaide we offer 1:1 Drama Therapy in clinic, home/school visits and telehealth, as well as group sessions. Our most popular program is our Thumbs Up! social skills drama group for primary school-aged children.

Drama Therapy It is an embodied practice that is active and experiential. This therapy uses the methods of play, embodiment, projection, role, story, metaphor, empathy, distancing, witnessing, performance and improvisation to help people make changes and achieve their goals.

Drama Therapy is for everyone – any age, ability or background. You do not have to be “good” at acting to benefit from Drama Therapy.

Children are natural storytellers and love to take on the roles of their favourite characters. This type of play is the foundation of Drama Therapy. Drama Therapy builds on a child’s natural capacity for imaginative play to help children achieve goals.

Drama Therapy can support the task of social-emotional learning by participating in creative and/or embodied exploration of skills such as increasing self-regulation and building social awareness. Through role play, people can learn to understand the feelings of others and practice behaviors.

Skills addressed through drama include:

  • Listening
  • Eye contact
  • Awareness of body in space
  • Physical coordination
  • Physical expressiveness
  • Facial expressiveness
  • Verbal expressiveness identification and naming of emotions
  • Focus and concentration
  • Memory enhancement
  • Stress release
  • Self-control and patience
  • Problem solving and risk taking
  • Social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Optimism and positive outlook on life

What can drama therapy do?

Drama Therapy can be helpful for people working towards goals such as:

Progression of verbal / non-verbal communication skills
Creative Therapy Adelaide
self control and patience
Drama Therapy Adelaide
Developing self-advocacy
building empathy and compassion
social-Emotional development
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Improving confidence and low self-esteem.

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