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Does my young child need speech therapy?

Speech development varies among preschool children, and some may naturally progress at a different pace than others. However, there are several signs to watch for that may indicate your preschool child could benefit from speech therapy:

Limited Vocabulary

If your child has a significantly smaller vocabulary than their peers or struggles to express themselves clearly, it may be a red flag.

Pronunciation Difficulties

Frequent mispronunciations of sounds or words, especially after the age of three, could be a concern.

Limited Speech Clarity

If people outside the family have trouble understanding your child’s speech, it may suggest an articulation or phonological disorder.

Difficulty Following Directions

Difficulty comprehending and following simple instructions or conversations can indicate receptive language issues.

Limited Social Interaction

If your child has trouble engaging in age-appropriate social interactions and getting along with other children their age due to communication difficulties.

Late Milestones

Delayed speech and language milestones, such as babbling, first words, and two-word combinations, may be a concern.

Frustration or Avoidance

If your child becomes frustrated or avoids speaking because of communication challenges, it’s essential to address the issue promptly.

Does my young child need speech therapy? Conclusion.

If you are concerned about any of these signs, consider consulting a speech therapist for an assessment and treatment. Early intervention can significantly improve your child’s speech and language development, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively and succeed in school and beyond.

You can contact our Service Coordinator at (08) 7080 4618  to discuss your child’s speech and language development and make time for a session with our speech therapists to explore the possibilities of supporting your child.

You can access speech pathology services through Medicare, NDIS or private funding.

Would you like to know more about Speech Therapy? Find more information on our blog or the Speech Pathology Australia’s website!

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris

Bec, the speech whisperer at Creative Therapy Adelaide, turns words into wonders and transforms communication into an enchanting adventure!

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