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Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a creative therapy that uses movement, dance, and other creative expressions to support people to improve their connection between body and mind. In DMT the therapist may use dance and movement, engagement in music, verbal counselling, art materials and mindfulness.

DMT explores various qualities of movement that enhance a person’s body awareness, personal space, spatial awareness and help them to understand emotions that may arise from movement.

Sessions can be structured for people of all ages, from very young children to older adults and can cater to people of all abilities.

For children in particular, DMT can be a way for them to explore their play and impulses, own the space and safely explore their movement and emotions.

One-to-one or group therapy is offered.

What does a DMT session look like?

It really depends on the person and their needs. Sessions can be structured for people with different abilities. Generally speaking, there is a clear beginning and ending so that the participant knows what to expect each session:

  • Sessions start with a verbal check in.
  • The therapist invites the participant to participate in a warmup
  • With the guidance of the therapist, the participant may move with the therapist or within a group
  • Participants may explore various movements with props such as ribbons and fabrics
  • The movement will come to a close, working towards stillness using breath work
  • Participants may then be verbally or creatively asked to reflect on their experience
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