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Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a creative movement-based psychotherapy.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a non-verbal creative therapy that uses movement, dance, and other creative expressions to explore a connection between body and mind. It is an in-depth psychotherapy that regards any movement including stillness and body languages that children present. DMT explores various qualities of movement that enhance a child’s body awareness, body boundaries, spatial awareness and help them to understand emotions that may arise from movement. One-to-one or group therapy is offered.

Sessions can be structured for younger children and children with different abilities. There is a clear beginning and ending so that the child will gain a sense of the session. The middle part is a space for the child to choose what she/he wants to do. For example, dance or play or her/his own idea. As sessions go by, children will potentially lead the session and the therapist follows the child and enters the child’s world as it could give the best outcome in DMT if it is with a child-centred approach. Expressing oneself has no limitations; through body, sounds, rhythms, plays, colours, objects and more. DMT quite often incorporates imaginary plays in the session as play provides a safe place for children to express themselves, be in their control in fantasy, project any emotions out onto soft toys, characters, props, so that they learn to do so in a safe way. DMT allows children to own the space, movement and emotions.

What can dance movement therapy do?

Dance Movement Therapists use their professional skills in the area of child development to work on:

Gaining self-confidence
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Reducing anxiety and stress
Emotional regulation
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Helping overcome traumas or bullied experience

Dance movement therapy groups

DMT Group - Steady Steppers

This group is for children aged between 8 and 12. It aims to enhance their imagination, expand movement repertoire and learn to collaborate.

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DMT Group - Dancing Wheels

Understand the connection between body and mind and connect with other children on wheels.

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DMT group - Sunshine Chasers

This group is for children who are experiencing emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression.

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