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dance movement Therapy intensives

Participants can experience moving and dancing to music. This intensive program aims to provide participants and their parents a better understanding of what Dance Movement Therapy as a body, movement and play based therapy. Dance Movement Therapy  sessions may be useful for those who experience hyperactive states or maybe want to better learn to regulate their emotions. Children are safely and nonjudgmentally guided to explore and express themselves. 

Participants will have the opportunity to expand their movement repertoire with the therapist’s support. A sequence of movements can be choreographed based on the participant’s ideas if she/he chooses to do so. 


Sessions start with movements to greet each other and energise the body. Participants are invited to create their own game, play with the puppets, or dance to music and the process is supported by the therapist. In the play and movements, participants can safely express strong impulsive movements and emotions if necessary. Or the therapist may support children to move more gently or delicately. In the end, participants are invited to calm him/herself through conscious breath or listening to music. 

Movement is one of our languages and it has many layers of meanings in itself. The therapist will support participants to safely express difficult emotions such as anger and frustrations while moving with the therapist. DMT is a nonverbally held space for participants and it offers a unique self-explorative opportunity. 

In this therapy space, it is ok to be ‘you’. The therapist will support the way you move and play. Any movements you present are important and respected. 

Option to attend 3 consecutive sessions daily, 6 sessions over 2 weeks, or 8 sessions over 3 weeks.

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