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Clinical services update

Dear CTA Community,

Today marks a pivotal moment in the journey of Creative Therapy Adelaide (CTA) as we bid a fond farewell to Mioi, an integral member of our team since our doors opened in April of 2021. The decision to close our Dance Movement Therapy program was made after a thorough evaluation of the demand for this service.

Mioi has been an invaluable asset to CTA for the last three years, demonstrating commendable dedication to the Dance Movement Therapy profession. We express our gratitude for her positive influence and the unique energy she brought to our workplace.

Amidst this change, our primary focus is on ensuring seamless service continuity for participants who were engaged in the Dance Movement Therapy program. To facilitate this, we are diligently following our provider transition plan.

In an exciting development, we are thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with ‘Moving Circle,’ Mioi’s private practice.

This partnership is designed to serve as a dynamic referral option for our participants, allowing them to continue accessing Dance Movement Therapy. Beyond the participant support aspect, we see this collaboration as an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of ‘Moving Circle.’ We are optimistic about the potential for a fruitful partnership and eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will bring.

Mioi’s private practice, now specialising in trauma, medically unexplained symptoms, neurodivergent individuals, and attachment, is conveniently located in Belair, in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire CTA community for your understanding and support during this transition. As we step into this new chapter, our thoughts and best wishes are with Mioi. We are deeply appreciative of her significant contributions to CTA, and we are excited about the opportunities and collaborations that lie ahead for her.

Thank you for being an integral part of our dynamic community, and we extend our warmest wishes to the wonderful Mioi as she embarks on this new phase of her professional journey.

Warm regards,

Natalie Oliveri
Managing Director
Creative Therapy Adelaide
Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie, the singing superhero, uses her magical music powers as a Registered Music Therapist to create harmonious homes and confident kiddos while fighting the evil forces of monotony!

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