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Creative-approach therapy for young people experiencing anxiety aged 7-17 years of age.

Limited places available

Tuesdays after school @ 5:10PM

  • Program developed by a Registered Dance-Movement Psychotherapist
  • Learn to manage and understand anxiety through creative and bodily expression
  • Enrol anytime
  • NDIS funding eligible
  • Up to 4 people per group
  • Participants will be grouped with age-appropriate peers
This group is for young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a creative therapy that uses movement, dance, and other creative expressions to support young people to improve their connection between body and mind. These weekly sessions will be a safe space for participants to bodily express their emotions and process them with the therapist. Participants are invited to participate as a group with the goal of increasing self confidence and to assist participants to positively find ways to express and regulate their emotions, as well as socially interact with others. ​

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Reduce anxiety

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Participants are provided a space to understand about themselves and others better and more positively. It aims to meet, groove and become friends with others. 

This group is suitable for those who are experiencing anxieties and other emotional issues. Participants are invited to move and dance. This is a therapy group and not a dance class where they learn steps and choreography. The group will help your child to understand the connection between body and mind and connect with other young people who are similarly experiencing difficulties in their lives.

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It explores creativity through movement and body. The participant may gain more confidence through moving on his/her/their own or with the group. The focus will be on using the participant’s existing resources, their body and movement to manage anxiety.

No movement, dance skills or experience required!

This group is NDIS funding eligible.

The cost of this group may fluctuate depending on the number of group members attending each session (max. 4 per session).

2 participants: $120 per child / session

3 participants: $80 per child / session

4 participants: $60 per child / session

This fee includes the session duration of 45 mins + 15 mins clinical note-taking per participant.

The cost of this group may fluctuate depending on the number of group members attending each session (max. 4 per session).

2 participants: $120 per child

3 participants: $80 per child

4 participants: $60 per child

This fee includes the session duration + minimum 15 mins clinical note-taking per participant.

24 hour cancellation fee applies. Participants are invoiced weekly.

Additional costs apply for assessment reports and NDIS reports.

Please contact us to discuss enrolment in these groups.

Our expert facilitator can support you to participate. At Creative Therapy Adelaide we have a person-centered and strengths-based approach and will adapt our sessions to support you to participate to the best of your ability.

There are a maximum number of 4 people enrolled in each group.

We recommend a commitment of at least 10 weeks from commencement.

As this is a therapy, the Registered Dance-Movement Therapist will assess each participant on a needs and strengths basis. Participants will be included in the group for as long as it continues to benefit them.

If you don’t already receive therapy at Creative Therapy Adelaide, you will have an initial assessment session with one of our senior therapy team before starting with this group. Call us to find out how to book your appointment: (08) 7080 4618 or fill in our expression of interest form.

Total group cost is shared between the number of participants enrolled. To be fair to other group members, cancellation fees are charged when less than 24 hours notice is provided for non-attendance. The cancellation fee is your portion of the full cost of the session you did not attend.

Here’s an example of what a session might look like:

  • Sessions start with a verbal check in
  • The therapist invites participation in a warmup
  • With the guidance, the participant may be encouraged to dance or move with the therapist
  • There may be an exploration of movement and what the participant’s body can do
  • The movement will come to a close and there will be a focus on the breath
  • Participants may then be asked to reflect on their experience verbally or using another medium like art materials

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