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Dance-Movement Group - Sunshine Chasers

This group is for children who are experiencing emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression but would like to creatively move and dance. Children will creatively explore various movements with the group or on their own and may connect with other children. Children will move with the help of props such as colorfulolourful cloths, ribbons and so on. Through movement, children may find a connection between their bodies and minds and a connection with others. Children are invited to move as they want with the guidance of the therapist. Through movement, children may discover their possibilities, capabilities and a new whole self. Children may gain more self-confidence and learn to socially interact with other children.

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Children are provided a space  to understand about themselves and others better and more positively. It aims to meet, groove and become friends with others. 

This group is suitable for those who are experiencing anxieties and other emotional issues. Children are invited to move and dance. This is a therapy group and not a dance class where they learn steps and choreography. The group will help your child to understand the connection between body and mind and connect with other children who are similarly experiencing difficulties in their lives.

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It explores child’s creativity through movement and body. The child may gain more confidence through moving on his/her own or with the group and this is a supportive group for children on wheels.

No movement, dance skills or experience required!

If you are an NDIS participant, this group comes under the Core Supports category – ‘social and community participation’. We suggest you speak to your Plan Manager or the NDIA to determine if this group meets your relevant plan goals and if/how you can pay for this group with your NDIS funding.

Our expert facilitator can support you to participate. If necessary, a parent or caregiver may remain as a support person for the duration of the group or as long as necessary.

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