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5 Ways To Incorporate Dance And Movement Into Your Daily Routine

Find a space and a little time to self-care through movement. You do not need a big studio to dance, just a little space around your body. No time? I know. It feels like there is no time for such a thing! How about spending just five minutes? 

  1. Stretches (to do morning/afternoon/evening – whenever it suits you!) Start with what your body knows. Find body parts (head, neck, arms, hands, hips, legs etc) that need to move. You can create your own stretching routines or you can make a routine out of any stretches you know from yoga classes, gym, mindfulness workshops etc.
  1. Play favourite songs to cheer you up and dance! Maybe you notice that someone else may join you (eg. your children, partner) and that is fun and feels great. You can do this as long as you want!
  1. Breathing exercises – Breath is an important part of our life as it is a sign of us being alive. How about exercising conscious breathing – notice your breath, sounds, length of your breaths. Try not to change how you are breathing as your breaths are part of you. Stay as you are. 
  1. Internally connect to yourself – Close your eyes and wait for your body to start moving. Make sure you have no obstacles close to you. Play your favourite music or maybe try to move in silence. Start with a few breaths. Wait and see what movement may arise in you. This is the way you can be authentic to yourself in relation to movements and your body. Do you encounter any images, memories, colours, shapes, textures, smells and so on?
  1. Dance in nature – Connecting yourself with nature may bring you some new ideas, memories, freedom in the body, or even expand your creativity. I love to dance in nature – in the woods, at the beach, in the mountains, anywhere I feel safe and not too shy. I do not need music. Nature sounds are the rhythms and beats. Feel the air. Feel the temperature. Feel Mother Nature. 
Mioi Forster-Nakayama

Mioi Forster-Nakayama

Mioi, the dance whisperer, effortlessly bridges the gap between bodies and souls, creating a safe space where movement becomes a language of freedom, while leaving no toe unturned on her rhythmic journey!

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