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Mixed class for 10-17 yo | Tuesday – Thursday 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM 

This group aims to empower children / teenagers (10-17 years of age) to explore their own body language and movements. The group will aim to create, collaborate and perform together. Your child will learn to negotiate, dance and move with other children in a safe non judgemental environment facilitated by the registered dance movement psychotherapist. 

The group starts with a warmup, works on choreographing sequences of movement and finishes with breathwork. Children will be guided to discuss what theme they want to work on and create his/her own movements accordingly. The program will have the end goal of a performance for families, that aims to build self confidence and a sense of achievement. This group is suitable for participants that are interested in dance and performance. This program can be funded by NDIS using participants’ capacity building budget, as it is delivered by a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist.


Typically sessions look like a dance class. A child with any ability will be supported to find his/her own movement in the context of the group.

Your child will learn to collaborate with others and may feel more empowered by performing. 

The dance movement  psychotherapist will be there the whole way to support all participants. We understand people have different needs and our team is well trained to cater to children and young people who might have additional sensory, emotional or other needs to participate in whatever way is possible. 

Each group session lasts 1.5 hours. Please be on time and ready to dance!

This group has a commitment of 4 sessions over 2 weeks.

Is a 4-session commitment Tues & Thurs over 2 weeks and it will cost $285

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