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Creative Therapy Adelaide

Speech therapy in Adelaide

Creative Therapy Adelaide Launches Speech Therapy Program

As babies, our melodic vocalisations are our very first important step in exploring speech and communication.

That means if music and speech are a natural match, so music therapy and speech therapy should be.

That’s how I worked out that bringing speech pathology into Creative Therapy Adelaide would be the right move.

But there was an obstacle.

What if this new service only ends up adding to a ‘list of services’ and nothing else?

We don’t want more services, we want more creativity.

We believe that any therapy approached in a creative way will have a greater impact.

And creativity (like love) knows no bounds.

That’s why we went on a mission to find someone who gets us.

Someone who would align with our creative approach to therapy.

Someone who would bring in a new and complementary set of skills to what our music therapy team offers.

And then it happened! *Ta daaa!*

Cue: Rebecca Morris.

I know you care about quality therapists and providers, which is why we are very confident with bringing Bec into the team.

Bec comes with 24years of experience in delivering high quality, effective speech pathology services, including 5 years as clinical lead with a large provider.

Ah, and she also loves to play the piano.

We’re so excited to have Bec on the team!


Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie Oliveri, Director at Creative Therapy Adelaide

Natalie, the singing superhero, uses her magical music powers as a Neurologic Music Therapist to create harmonious homes and confident kiddos while fighting the evil forces of monotony!

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