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Why Creative Art Therapy?

I really care about empowering people to live to their best… and creativity, especially music and movement, is a beautiful and potent tool in working toward this. 

The best part is it involves heaps of fun!

How’d you get there?

Music and movement have always been part of my life. I completed a Bachelor of Music in 2017 and am excited to be currently studying a Masters of Music Therapy.
I love playing, listening and writing music, and this, along with being active and outdoors, is a huge part of topping up my “wellbeing tank!” 

I’m excited to see how we can empower you to use creative ways to top up your own wellbeing tank.

What bits do you like best?

In creative arts therapy, I like that it is geared for success. We can focus on what the participant CAN do, and have a lot of fun while we gently work on our goals.
I also enjoy seeing (and hearing!) real-time evidence of improvements.

In my administrative work, my favourite thing is when I can help connect participants and their families with a time and a service that works for them. Finding solutions is the best!

Top Instruments: piano, guitar, voice
What I’m listening to: It’s a tie between Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band and Dave Grusin Presents West Side Story
Fun discovery of the month: Sleep Cove and Sleep Time Stories! They’re fun podcast channels that help me get to sleep.

Blog post written by Thea Maxwell, currently undertaking Masters of Music Therapy at The University of Melbourne.

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