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Creative Therapy Adelaide was founded by Registered Music Therapist Natalie Oliveri in 2020, who saw the profound impact that having a means for creative expression had on her clients and their families. Not only does music and dance in music therapy open up opportunities for interaction and play, but they provide space for a person to explore diverse ways of communicating and expressing themselves emotionally. Creative Therapy Adelaide brings together the brightest creative therapists in order that more people could have the experience of accessing the creative arts therapies and build their capacity through creative expression.

Our mission and our values

To transform the lives of people through meaningful interactions with the creative arts - music, dance, drama and art - using research-based therapeutic methods that seek to uncover a person’s capabilities and grow their potential.

creative therapy adelaide


Creativity is at our core. We believe it is the key to growth and development. People who engage in the creative arts therapies are able to access more neural pathways when they engage in music, dance, art and drama. There is evidence that the creative arts have the capacity to improve and enhance health, functioning and wellbeing. Optimal development and positive change occurs when we’re having fun.


Everyone is different. At Creative Therapy we focus on what you can do, and use it as a starting point to grow capacity, learn new skills and foster wellbeing. Many people with disabilities are exceptionally creative and connect profoundly with music and the arts. Strength-based approaches lead to the person having a more meaningful experience in therapy, feeling like their identity is honoured and leaves them with a positive sense of feeling valued.


Our team participate in peer supervision and work together to ensure our best-practice offering is always to a high standard, informed by evidence and specifically tailored to the individual. Our creative therapists are university graduate and post-graduate trained professionals and participate in continuing professional development and cutting-edge training that supports the creative delivery of their specialty therapies.



The wellbeing of the whole family is important to us. When working with children and adults alike, our creative therapists build capacity, knowledge and skills in parents and caregivers, so they feel supported to make decisions for the person they care for. The benefits do not end at the end of their therapy session: with the new creative skills and approaches learnt in sessions, families are encouraged to try different approaches and strategies at home.

Our founder

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Natalie Oliveri is a registered music therapist trained at the University of Melbourne obtaining post-graduate qualifications in Masters in Music Therapy through the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music’s Music Therapy program.

Natalie worked with people of all ages to build their capacity for daily functioning and to improve their health and well being through musical engagement and activities. Natalie seeks to understand a person’s strengths and builds on those to help them to achieve their goals. Her approach to music therapy is participant-led, family-centred, informed by positive psychology, trauma theory, music therapy theory and approaches such as Greenspan’s Floortime.

Natalie has developed a Music and Child Development workshop and provides an annual guest lecture at the University of Adelaide in the School of Public Health’s Graduate Program in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Natalie began her career facilitating a classroom-based music therapy program to children 5-18 years with profound and multiple disabilities at a special education centre in Adelaide. From September to November 2015, she facilitated a 10-week music therapy program at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, working primarily with adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), psychosis and depression.

In 2017, Natalie designed and facilitated a music therapy program for SCOSA and SPORTSMED’s Body, Mind & Wellbeing project, providing SCOSA clients with meaningful artistic and creative musical opportunities. In 2018 and 2019, in partnership with Parks Children’s Centre, Uniting SA and Regency Green Multicultural Aged Care, Natalie facilitated an intergenerational music therapy program as part of the Paint the Town REaD initiative.

From 2016 to 2019, Natalie Oliveri worked in the role of Clinical Specialist delivering music therapy services to children 0-4 years and their parents in the community. Her work took her home visiting and providing group sessions for families experiencing hardship, mental illness, those engaged with child protection services, families with children with disabilities and families that want to aid their children’s development through music.


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