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Our mission at Creative Therapy Adelaide is to transform the lives of people through meaningful interactions with the creative arts – music, dance, drama and art – using research-based therapeutic methods that seek to uncover a person’s capabilities and grow their potential.


Music therapy

Young People

music therapy


music therapy

1:1 Creative Therapy Services

ECEI music programs, dance therapy, social skills programs and more..

Talk to us about a community partnership, we can tailor a program to your needs

We provide in-clinic services to children and young people. Outreach and home-visits to children, young people and adults.

Music Therapy

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Dance Movement Therapy

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Drama Therapy

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Therapy groups

Drama Therapy Group for social skills

Thumbs Up!

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Early Childhood Early Intervention

ECEI Music Therapy Group

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Dance Therapy Group for Teen Anxiety

Sunshine Chasers

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Music Group - Baby Loves

Prewalkers 0-18 months

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Drama Therapy Group - Thumbs Up!

Suitable Reception - Year 3

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Music Group - Shake It Up!

Mixed class for children under 5 years

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therapy disability


Our clinic space is a hub of creative expression. Come and see us where the magic happens!

home visits

Home/school visits

Home / school visits to access creative therapies in a familiar environment.


Online Therapy

Visit our video-therapy page for more information.


Dancing with your baby

Dancing With Your Baby In the early months and years of life, children begin to understand the world through their senses; they see our smiles, hear our voices, smell their milk, and they touch and taste everything! Meanwhile, they also

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Creativity in ISO

We’ve gotten really creative over the last couple of years of the pandemic and have come up with a plethora of ways to entertain the kids in isolation. TV is handy, but if you’re looking for ways your kids can

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Musical Routines

Using music as a way to make our days more enjoyable is a way many of us improve our lives, but we can also use music as a way to cue our children into the activities we need them to

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